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Welcome to the Dynamics of Quantum Systems and Advanced Materials Research Group

Our current research projects include:

  • theoretical studies of Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic Physics, and Chemical Physics
  • the physics of organic semiconductors, graphene, and perovskite devices using Theory and Computation
  • methods for electronic structure theory: density functional theory, time-dependent density functional theory, GW-approximation, DFT+U, exact diagonalization, and Monte Carlo
  • connections between quantum and classical systems, with an interest in chaotic behavior
  • theoretical and computational techniques towards optimization of spin systems with an interest in solid-state quantum information
  • predicting Advanced Materials for energy production and storage

Please visit our research projects webpage for mode details. File:Optimus.jpg

Borunda Group -- Summer 2018

From left to right: OPTIMUS, Lee, Mary, Charith, Sebastian (REU 2018!), Brian, Kyle, and Mario. We are a theoretical physics group in the Department of Physics at Oklahoma State University.

Contact Information:

    Mario F. Borunda
    Associate Professor
    145 Physical Sciences Bldg.
    Department of Physics
    Oklahoma State University
    Stillwater, OK 74078
We gratefully acknowledge funding from: